My 3 Themes for 2011

Every year Chris Brogan does a “My 3 words” post to bring in the new year. The idea behind coming up with the three words is that they’ll be guiding pillars for what you’ll focus on in the coming year. Instead of resolutions, you focus on your own core themes as a lighthouse for your actions and efforts. I read Chris’ post this morning and my 3 themes popped into my head almost immediately, so I thought sharing them here was a good way to kickstart the year.  Here are my 3 themes for 2011…

Presence, Focus and Personality. Read More

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

A few days ago I was called out on Twitter by a new friend of mine, Ryan, to write a “7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me” post. I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge. In the name of holiday fun, here goes:

1. I was kind of musical in a past life. I grew up on 2 piano lessons a week from age 7, and graduated to playing the alto sax in a jazz quartet for a couple of years in high school. Eventually, I dropped the instruments and joined not one, but two a capella groups – one in high school (The Maiyeros) and another right after that at Boston University (The Dear Abbeys). In college, we made a couple of records – one horrible, one not so horrible. Had a ball both times. I even got to sing the national anthem at a Celtics game once, which was pretty neat. Some of the best memories I have are of singing with others.

2. I once worked for a surf tour startup company in Australia. Before I graduated from University, I spent six months backpacking around New South Wales surfing and giving multimedia presentations to travelers from all around the world. I met the owners of the startup while on one of their weekend surf trips out of Sydney. One night over burgers we got talking about their business model, and how they needed a web site and someone to do PR for them. They asked me if I knew anyone who knew HTML and who could work PowerPoint. I was in the right place at the right time. It was the most exciting job I’ve ever had.

3. My father is a professional tennis player. True story. For about 12 years he coached the National Davis Cup Team for the Bahamas. He was in the top-200 in the world for a while when he played on the circuit and he’s even in the Bahamas Sports Hall of Fame. I love playing tennis but I…ahem…didn’t inherit any of my dad’s talent.

4. Water sports were more my thing. I swam and played waterpolo competitively throughout high school and as a graduate student at Georgetown in D.C. in the Mens Atlantic division. Waterpolo doesn’t really get you the kindof props that football or basketball get you, of course (insert reference to drowning horses here), but I loved it. Most of my life-long best friends are waterpoloers (if that’s even a word).

5. Some guys go fly fishing with their dads…we go spearfishing. I grew up in the Bahamas, what can I say? It kind of comes with the territory. August 1st is the official opening of lobster season down in the islands, and every year me, my dad and my brothers would get up near dawn, hose off our gear and head out to a reef somewhere to catch dinner. Seafood BBQ’s invariably followed.

6. I love concerts. There’s really no substitute for experiencing music live. My first concert ever was James Taylor when I was a senior in high school. My second concert was Elton John at The Boston Garden (back before it was the Fleet Center when they still had the old floor that Larry Bird played on). Just Elton and a piano for 3 solid hours and he was literally the most energetic performer I’ve ever seen (to this day). That was the best concert of my life, but not just because of the music. There was also the fact that I went with a cute girl I met in English class…

7.  I never got over that girl. And (luckily) I never had to. We got married a few weeks ago. Just a small group of family and close friends joined us for a week off the grid in the Bahamas to celebrate. It was one of the most memorable weeks of my life, and it was fantastic to be surrounded by so many people who mean so much me. We still talk about that concert, over 10 years later.

So there’s my seven. If any of you would like to continue the chain, feel free to link back here in the comments. Get personal, and tell the rest of us what makes you unique.

Happy 2009, Everyone.